you want to set your car in scene but dont know how? with your picture i can make your idea come true. for the sent in picture there are some requirements:

  • the picture should be high resolution
  • no wide angle
  • as less reflections as possible on the car
  • no shadows on the car
  • no nightshots / low exposure

just write me a message about your car and idea and within 12-24 hours you'll get an reply with my price.


  • illustration witout visual effects: 50€
  • illustration with visual effects: 60€
  • picture manipulation (scene editing): 80€

price depends on order


an illustration works with pictures directly from the front, back or side. i build up an 3d environment with lightning, your car will be cut out and imported as 3d object, so it causes realistic shadows.

an picture manipulation goes a step further. your car will be cut out and placed in any environment you want, we even can create one :-)

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